Monthly Archives: October 2013

LCM Dawn Patrol – 31.10.13 – Earnings… MS on Nestlé, utilities, JPM on Generali. Week e nd.

Aloha, US equities were weaker on Wednesday, but finished off their worst levels for the session. The S&P 500 snapped a four-day winning streak. Trading was fairly quiet throughout the better part of the day with the waiting game ahead of the FOMC statement. The statement was little changed from September, a dynamic that sent […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 30.10.13 – GS on the ECB and the Euro, Kian at JPM still likes UBS, MS positive on Melia, earnings and more…………..

Bonjour, US equities finished mostly higher on Tuesday. The S&P extended its winning streak to four days and was up for the 13th time in the last 15 sessions. There were few specific drivers behind today’s price action as the macro backdrop remained largely unchanged. The market continues to expect the Fed to remain on […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 29.10.13 – LCM cross assets strategy, Apple=, Michelin-, DB-, JPM on insurance,

Bonjour, US equities were little-changed on Monday following a rather quiet trading session. The major indices were mixed with the S&P 500 slightly higher, the Dow flat and the Nasdaq slightly lower. Lacking any significant catalysts market participants seemed content to wait for the outcome of the Fed meeting later this week. Economic data was […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – JPM more cautious on the European rally. JPM upgrades Iberdrola, MS on 3D printing, S&P earnings summary.

Bonjour, US markets continued their ascension last week with the S&P500 gaining another 0.88% in a busy week in terms of earnings and despite numerous red flags. JPM citing the following as red flags: Nikkei down, Asia tough, SHIBOR up, SX7P coming down, US momentum stocks losing momentum… It really feels like investors are being […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 25.10.13 – Week End! Earnings: Kering-, Renault-, BASF+, Vinci+, Thales+, AtoS-

Bonjour, US equities finished higher in fairly uneventful trading on Thursday. There did not seem to be any meaningful directional drivers in play. Some better-than-expected manufacturing data out of China was cited as modestly supportive for global recovery sentiment, which has been under some recent scrutiny. However, the recent string of negative surprises continued on […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 24.10.13 – DB on EM, SG’s Edwards on asset bubbles.. +DAI, +SAF,+ABB, +SEB, +LOGN, =LI, =SEV, -CSGN, -GTO, -DSY, -SOW, -EI, -RI, -ERICB

Bonjour, US equities finished lower on Wednesday with the S&P 500 snapping a five-day winning streak. There were a couple of different factors cited for the pullback, including macro concerns and some disappointing takeaways from the earnings calendar. Most of the defensive sectors fared better than the broader market, though the builders also outperformed with […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 23.10.13 – Asia down. Apple’s Mavericks, Earnings: Temenos, Faurecia, Peugeot, Norsk…

Bonjour, US equities finished higher on Tuesday with the S&P 500 up for a fifth straight session. While the September employment report disappointed, it also reinforced the recent pickup in expectations that the Fed will have to delay an initial tapering move until sometime in early 2014. The monetary policy trade drove a rally in […]