Monthly Archives: July 2013

LCM Dawn Patrol – 17.07.13 – LCM Strat (summary), BAML Fund Manager Survey, JPM on Civil Aerospace, Barclays on Chemicals, MS on brands in China…

Bonjour,   Europe to open flat according to futures with investors eyes on earnings ahead of Bernanke’s testimony. Volumes were light in the US today, and this will continue this morning. an stocks outside Japan rose, with the Kospi up 1.4% and the Hang Seng 0.2% higher. The MSCI Asia Pacific was little changed as […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – JPM on LVMH, JPM on Tobacco, MS on SES.

Bonjour, Stocks to open up today again after the US closed on a all time high on low volumes. ┬áIn the US, the S&P managed new closing all-time highs on the lowest non-holiday volume day of the year. Bonds were well bid early in following the bad-is-better retail sales print (-7bps from early high yields). […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 15.07.13 – JPM moves OW on Europe, China’ GDP OK, JPM View, GS on Capita and Pernod. JPM on Semis (EU).

Bonjour,   Markets to open up this morning in Europe following the release the Chinese GDP which came in line with expectations at 7.5% for Q2. Hope you enjoyed this sunny week end. It seems that the macro is now holding up quite well, everyone is bullish again and we can focus on the fundamentals […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 11.07.13 – Invensys by Schneider. EM flows by MS. MS top picks into earnings… Week End.

  Bonjour,   Europe set to open up today following the strong rally in the US market. Asia was strong this morning (MSCI Asia +3.14%) thanks to India. Today is an important day for US banks as both JPM and Wells Fargo publish.   Portugal asks Troika to postpone audit, Schneider Electric is in talks […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 11.07.13 – Gold Price Targets, MS on Aerospace, Tech. JPM on Vod.

Bonjour,     European stocks set to rally at the open on dovish Fed comments. Ben Bernanke, said late on Wednesday that the bank would pursue a “highly accommodative policy … for the foreseeable future”, adding the current unemployment rate of 7.6 percent may overstate the health of the labour market and interest rates would […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 09.07.13 – MS 10 value names, JPM on EU trucks and Vivendi, GS likes Technicolor, TuesGear (???)

Aloha, European markets to open higher today following the US (S&P+0.58%) and Asia (Nikkei+2.30%) as everyone now turns bullish on the US economy and Alcoa published some better than expected numbers (although the stock reversed early gains). As macro fears evaporate again, we’ll focus on the fundamentals (earnings), we’ll try to find some GARPy stocks […]

LCM Dawn Patrol – 08.07.13 – The JPM View, Citi on Europe, GS on US, MS on oil & gas likes technip, JPM likes Ericsson… More!

Bonjour, European shares are expected to open up after Friday’s drop but better jobs report and as we expect some (positive) news regarding Greece’s next tranche of bailout funds. Hope you enjoyed this sunny week end. Strategists still push for stocks over bonds as you will read below (JPM). Central banks remain supportive despite the […]