Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Dawn Patrol – 28.03.13 – Chinese banks, Blackberry, Cyprus. JPM on Iliad, MS on BASF, GS on oil services.

Bonjour, European futures very slightly down. US markets slightly down y’day with banks down on US concerns. Chinese banks and property developers getting slammed, Shanghai down 2.3% on new banking regulations and property curbs. Volumes are c. 15%/20% lower this week as its a short week and Passover. SX5E Futures: 2548.00y -29.00. Support at 2524 […]

The Dawn Patrol – 27.03.13 – Safran, MS on SAP, JPM on TEF and VIV…

Bonjour European stocks are seen rising on Wednesday, extending the previous session’s gains and tracking a rally on Wall Street, where robust data on home prices and manufacturing fuelled optimism about the pace of the economic recovery. SX5E Futures: Support at 2578 then 2556. . Resistance 2608/11 then 2669. Looks like opening around 2584 which […]

The Dawn Patrol – 26.03.13 – Cyprus… MS likes Russia. MS ups EDF, JPM on aerospace, GS ups Wienerberger.

Sheretume, European shares were likely to edge higher on Tuesday, with some investors taking advantage of recent drops to buy equities, although concerns that a strict bailout deal for Cyprus might set a precedent for Europe could limit gains. Today, we won’t try to get our Euros out of Cyprus, because banks will remain closed […]

The Dawn Patrol – 25.03.13. Cyprus, Vodafone, AM flows. JPM on Utilities, on European Equities.

Bonjour, Europe’s main stock indexes should rally after Cyprus reached a deal with international lenders for a 10 billion euro bailout. This all thing looks like a bad joke. In the end they always find some sort of solution, but someone’s got to pay in the end… SX5E Futures: 2619.00y 2.00. Support at 2633/8 then […]

The Dawn Patrol – 21.03.13 – China, Cyprus, Fed. Oracle-, Hermes+, MS on Siemens, GS on Oil, JPM on Technip…

Bonjour, European stocks are set to dip on Thursday as Cyprus’ debt crisis keeps investors on edge, overshadowing a pick-up in Chinese factory activity and a pledge by the U.S. Federal Reserve to maintain its stimulus programme. However, according to the Cypriot TV there could be a plan ‘B’ presented today (another version of Plan […]

The Dawn Patrol – 19.03.13 – Cyprus is boring. MS’ earnings season report. Nomura on Luxury, JPM on Chemicals, Iliad… Tiger and Lindsey!

Bonjour, European markets indicated flat to slightly up as Cypriots said no to the deposit tax… Doesn’t really seem to be a concern… SX5E futures: 2609.00y -33.00. Looks like opening around the 2608 support level… Below there is 2578 & the key 2556 level. Short term resistances remain at 2633 then the gap at 2647 […]

The Dawn Patrol – ILIAD+, GS dgrades RIO&BHP. MS likes TEF. JPM likes ING. GS likes HAVAS, ERICSSON and STM… I like Alice Smith.

European stocks are seen inching lower on Tuesday, adding to the previous session’s losses, as a controversial plan for a bailout of Cyprus involving a levy on bank deposits keep investors on edge. SX5E futures 2642.00 -17.00. Support at 2608 then 2556. Resistance 2647 then 2669. Looks like opening around 2629 Gold is breaking up […]