Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Dawn Patrol – 28.02.13 – Bernanke/Draghi keep the loose policy. CGG-, AHOLD+,

Bonjour, European market set to open up today as Bernanke and Draghi indicated they will keep the current easing monetary policies running as long as necessary. Asia, copper and oil all up overnight. Today, we’ll look at the French consumer spending (8:45) and European CPI (11:00). In the US, the GDP and jobless claims will […]

The Dawn Patrol – 27.02.13 – Ben goes dovish, EADS+, Bouygues-=-, ABI+, JPM on VIVENDI. More…

Bonjour, Markets top open up today as Ben Bernanke reaffirms the Fed’s commitment to low rates until unemployment rate comes down (more below). The Euro area crisis is back and markets nervousness too, time to look at gold again? SX5E Futures: Support at 2564 then 2509. Resistance 2608/10 then 2669…looks like opening around 2575 Today […]

The Dawn Patrol 25.02.13 – China PMI, Italian Elections, MS on Solvay, GS on Hochtief, +ve news for VIV, Wirecard…

Bonjour, European stocks were seen nudging higher at the open on Monday, cheered by signs that the United States and Japan will continue with ultra easing monetary policy for some time yet, but uncertainty surrounding the Italian elections was expected to keep a lid on market gains. Federal Reserve officials late on Friday highlighted the […]

Summary of Italian elections

AT STAKE: To determine the 630 members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the 315 elective members of the Senate. TIMING OF EVENTS: This Sunday and Monday – Electors are able to cast their vote from 8.00am to 10.00pm on Sunday, or from 7.00am to 3.00pm on Monday Turnout to be published 3 times […]

The (after) Dawn Patrol – 22.02.13 – Earnings, Barclays on Italian elections, UPS&Downs more.

Bonjour, Asian stocks inched back, commodities bounced with Aussie on better growth data in Singapore and encouraging comments from the RBS about the effects of recent interest-rate reductions. Noting as well, after the US bell, AIG and HPQ rose on better forecasts – see more below. Key levels : SPH3 1505.20, EURUSD 1.3212, AUDUSD 1.0313, […]

The Dawn Patrol – 21.02.13 – CAP+, ALV+, SU+, TEC-, SGO=, DIA-, AXA-. Fed more hawkish, MS on TEF, JPM on Weir, GS on TF1…

Bonjour, Markets to open down following the fall in US equities as the FOMC becomes more hawkish as the Fed might slow or stop the purchase of bonds. Also note that the VIX rose some 16%. Asia was down significantly too and commodities heading down as well. Today, we’ll monitor the Flash PMIs for February […]

The Dawn Patrol – 20.02.13 – JPM ups MTU, MS ups DAIMLER, Earnings: LG+, ACA-, BLT=, TF1-, FTE-, DSM-, DB1-, KD8+

Bonjour, Markets expected to open flat following yesterday’s strong gains as we need to go through another patch of earnings and ahead of the Italian elections. Will this rally last? To date, with around a third of STOXX Europe 600 companies having reported full-year results, 40 percent have missed on earnings, prompting analysts to downgrade […]