Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Dawn Patrol – 28.09.12 – On RIMM, On Spain. France wants EADS+BAE for herself. Bon Week End.

Aloha, US stock rallied especially after General Electric raised forecasts for sales growth. Mixed day in Asia with NKY/KOSPI down on disappointing IP data whereas China keep bouncing ahead golden week on speculation of stimulus (but hold your breath on this). EUR trading higher at 1.293 following positive sentiment about the Spanish budget Otherwise, Moody’s […]

The Dawn Patrol – 26.09.12 – RCUBE warns you on Equities vs Credit. Spain is under pressure (again), Germans are putting pressure (again). Martin Wolf on the Euro exit.

Gmar H’atima tova Asian markets down on fear that all those great stimulus measures by the central bankers of the world may not be enough. European futures are heading down this morning. We’ll monitor the German CPI, the US new home sales and the Italian bills auction. In the wonderful world of European politics, Van […]

The Dawn Patrol – 25.09.12 – CAT Pft W. On Europe, Spain, German banks and Commodities.

( If you receive this email more than once at the same email address please let me know. Issues with Outlook. Bonjour, Asian markets slightly down on lack of volume and news. European futures indicate markets to open slightly up. Gold at $1763.75, EURUSD down to 1.2903… Aujourd’hui, we’ll look at the German GFK condidence, […]

The Dawn Patrol – 24.09.12 – On this week’s data, on Europe, on the US economy, on TV series. MS on AAPL. JPM’s view and European strategy.

Bonjour, Hope you enjoyed your week end. Markets should open slightly down as EU leaders continue to argue on the Banking Union. Gold at ^1761.63, EURUSD at 1.2945. Today, tired eyes will watch the German IFO, the Chicago Fed Nat’l activity and the Dallas Fed Manf. activity. AAPL. After one week end with the iPhone […]

The Dawn Patrol 21.09.12 – On Spain, Italy and France. JPM’s Lee is very bullish. MS on VIV and TF1. I’ll be queuing for the iPhone 5.

Hola, Markets to open up as Spain is being talked into asking for aid by EU officials (according to the FT). We’re still in the bull market, JPM is getting super bullish, this week was just a pause. The French Apple stores employees are on strike. Option expiries across Europe today. Our eyes will be […]

The Dawn Patrol – 19.09.12 – Inditex beats. Japan QEs too. MS’ clients poll. Rest is same old same…

Good morning, Nothing really exciting happening today. People are waiting for their iPhones to arrive and check the rumoured features of the iPad Mini ( . Asian markets up as Japan keeps rates unchanged (0.10%) and goes full speed into QE by increasing its assets purchases by $700bn (where is all this going to end? […]

The Dawn Patrol – 18.09.12 – On Spain, On the Markets. Arkema, Schneider and many other changes…

Bonjour, Markets expected flat today. We’re still in this hangover period of what was a nice party (too much liquidity), but it’s not over, it’s just Spain who is ruining the mood by not asking for a fix. Today, we’ll watch UK CPI, the ZEW (11:00), the Spanish bonds auction (around 11:00 too). In the […]